LMS Xpress Forms


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fannie Mae Increased Loan Limits

IMPORTANT UPDATE: California Wildfires WBC-Alert CA Fires 1.15.2018

Registration Forms Policies and Procedures
4506-T (July 2017) Hazard Insurance
SSA-89 Flood Insurance
Borrower’s Authorization E-Signature
E-Consent Lock Policy
Wholesale Submission Form WBC Income Validation Requirements
Wholesale Minimum Submission Requirements Credit Exception Policy
Correspondent Submission Form TRID Toolbox Disclosure Guide
NDC Minimum Submission Requirements TRID Toolbox Fee Tolerance Guide
Revocable Trust Procedure
FHA Dual Agency Policy
Fee Schedule
Texas Property Tax Calculation Procedure
Underwriting Forms
Net Tangible Benefit Seller Contracts and Agreements
FNMA Attached Condo Questionnaire Loan Purchase Agreement Package
HOA Questionnaire Short Form Compensation Agreement
HOA Questionnaire Full Form Loan Purchase Agreement
 WBC (Internal) Underwriter Project Warranty States We Lend In
FHA Case number request form
FHA Maximum Mortgage Worksheet – Purchase
FHA Maximum Mortgage Worksheet- Cash Out  
FHA Maximum Mortgage Worksheet- Simple Refinance   General Underwriting Resources
FHA Maximum Mortgage Worksheet- Streamline Refinance Loan Product Advisor℠ Documentation Matrix—February 2017
FHA Streamline Net Tangible Benefit FHA Mortgage Insurance Job Aid
FHA MIP Job Aid – 01.10.2017 
 Income Calculation Worksheet Appraisal and Vendor Management
Solar Panel Certification and Checklist Archer User Account Management Guide
Archer Portal Reference Guide
Accurate Group Escalation Contact Sheet
Closing Requirements and Forms Property Science Key Contact Sheet
Settlement Fees Agreement Property Science Fee Schedule
Document Request Apex Appraisal Pricing
Power of Attorney Apex Contact Sheet
Mortgagee Clause Approved Credit Vendors
Tax Calendar for California Class Appraisal New Client Contact Sheet
NDC Pre-Purchase Delivery Requirements Class Appraisal Reference Guide
Class Appraisal Trid Pricing
ACT Points of Contact
ACT Fee Table
Got Contact Sheet
Got Trid Pricing
LMS Xpress Got Appraisal User Guide 
LMS User Reference
How to Associate REO
How to Upload Conditions
Lock Tool Tutorial
Lock Change Tutorial
Automated Verification Tutorial